Meet Kim.

Kim Harshaw is a  multi-faceted business woman. Entrepreneur and Catalyst for Change. She is the former TV Co-host for International Investor, where she spoke on everything concerning Global Economic Development and Financial Markets.

Prior to establishing her Coaching Company, Kim mentored and co-created a mentoring program for victims of Sex Trafficking. This mentoring propelled her into becoming a Life Coach.

She has served as Director of Victim Services for a non-profit in the Northern Virginia Metro Area, where she helped survivors with shelter, resources, connecting them to the community, and find their inner self.

Kim also now takes preventative measures in educating both parents and teens on Human Trafficking and Internet Safety, as well conducting workshops on cultivating self- confidence, resiliency, and personal identity.



Follow Your Destiny

The choice to receive Life Coaching is an immense and courageous one. One that is well rewarding if you invest in yourself. For those rewards, you must be willing to change your internal world before you can change the external world. I’m here to stand with you along your journey to your desired destination in life. Let’s spend less time focusing on the past and more time on your vision and destiny. Together we can unlock your future and take your life to the next level.


Fashion with a Heart

Kim fell in love with photo shoots as a child, as she participated in beauty pageants.

Today, she still loves Fashion! Fashion is what drives her to this industry and she is blessed to be represented by Boon Modeling Agency.

Real Estate

Investing in the Community

Kim is also in the exciting world of Real Estate Investing!  Mainly active in Florida, where she hold her Sales Associate License.  Her investments showcase her entrepreneurial spirit and integrity. She is always looking for her next project or listing!

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Book Release

What is Destiny?

Everyone was built for purpose. The question is how to learn what that looks like, and how to embrace your assignment, so that you can step into your Destiny! Maybe you feel like you have accomplished your assignment in life and want to know what’s next or maybe you are just getting started. Either way this book will help inspire you to take action and cross over into the next phase of your life!

Kim Harshaw’s first book will be released in 2020.

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